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Collective Resources


Free Online Learning Resources For Schools Affected by Coronavirus/COVID-19

STUCK AT HOME WITH THE KIDS? Updated List Of At Home Online Entertainment

Dans Deals

Many More Free Resources For Kids At Home Added, Plus Free Artscroll Digital Library Trial, Suspended Mortgage Payments, Shop Private Islands, And More

Torah UMesorah

Take advantage of our support, resources, and materials to enhance our students’ at-home learning experience

COVID19 Resources

(for parents)

COVID19 Resources, Inspiration, and Media

Agudah Virtual Asifas

Video and audio for previous events – A Torah Perspective

Slides for Kids

To explain exactly what Coronavirus is


National Association for School Psychologists and Nurses Letter for talking to kids about COVID19

Psychology Today

Article for parenting during COVID19

Day by day resources to keep kids learning, thinking, growing, & more!

Mental health webinars and various resources relating to COVID19

7 Tips for Working From Home With Your Kids During the COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 – My child is home from school or work or a day program! What do I do?

How to make the most of quarantine by local therapist

The Secret to Keeping Your Kids Happy, Busy and Learning if Their School Closes Due to Coronavirus


Collection of online sefarim

Collection of thousands of sefarim. New ones added daily

Seforim database

Artscoll online database

Thousands of sefarim, books, and articles


Thousands of online Torah videos and audio shuirim and classes. A lot of streaming content as well.

Homepage for all Jewish music and movies. Online rentals available.

Promo code: TORAH to sign up for free access to videos, games, quizzes and certificates of course completion for the next 60 days due to Covid19.

Fun and educational videos for children
Watch fun Jewish videos on the holidays, the parshah and a variety of Jewish themes.

Various streaming and past entertainment and events. Additional COVID19 resources available on site

Collection of past Shmorg media by Oorah

Amazon’s service for music,, movies, and books now available for free due to COVID19


Bnos Hotline


Wonder Words


Torah Anytime

Amazing Lectures

641-715-3800 PIN: 886 563#

Hashgacha Hotlines

Torah Games

Masmidei HaSiyum (boys)

Dial Torah & Stories (adults & children)

Inspire by Wire (mothers)


Chofetz Chaim

List of Various Hotlines


Affordable Jewish arts and projects


Jewish craft ideas and activities for kids

Crafts and projects for kids

School worksheets and resources. Free Access Password: alephchamp

Projects, worksheets, and coloring pages

Projects, worksheets, and crafts for parents, teachers, and kids.

Coloring pages and activities



Online support and tutoring

Online tutoring, classes, and educational resources

COVID19 Resources and mental health support

Local mental health support and resources

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