To the Chicago Community –

The worldwide spread of the Coronavirus has made its way to Chicago. Many members of our community have been directly affected and are either hospitalized or carry the virus and are isolated at home. We need to assure that community resources are being mobilized to help those in need. The contagious nature of the virus puts families and individuals in situations of isolation, and many are having difficulty getting food and medical supplies. In rare situations, parents may not be able to care for children or would need support in their home.

With yeshivas, high schools, and universities all closed for the foreseeable future, young adults can be a large volunteer resource who are at low risk for severe complications from the virus. There are many ways these volunteers could help that include food pickup and delivery, reaching out and connecting with those in need, and care for families in emergency situations. We ask for a potential list of those who might be available to volunteer their time and services. Medical professionals in the community are actively being consulted to ensure the maximum degree of safety for volunteers and their families. Please remember that the incidence of clinically significant infection in young patients is rare, although not zero.

If you would like to assist in this time of need please discuss this issue seriously with your parents. The ideal individual would be a healthy person between the ages of 17-22, whose parents or siblings are without significant medical problems, such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, taking chronic immunosuppression, or other significant health issues. Please provide contact information below, and willingness to volunteer. We will also need adult volunteers to help support the youth (this can be done remotely). Please consult with your physician if you have any questions.

Another crucial way to help in the efforts to battle COVD19 is to donate blood. There is a critical blood shortage that is impacting the ability to treat patients with this disease, and young healthy donors are greatly needed.

This difficult situation is giving us unprecedented opportunities for chesed. Let’s come together as a community and do our part to save lives and help those in need.


David Marmor, MD

Ben Katz, MD

Boruch Zucker, MD

David Schreiber, MD

Elana Comrov, MD

Steven Lupovitch, MD

Naomi Fogel, MD

Leah Finkel, MD

Jonathan Rich, MD

David Grinblatt, MD

Ben Friedman, MD

Steve Geller, MD

Stuart Sprague, DO

Michael Friedman, MD

Jeffrey Grinblatt, MD

Amy Herman, MD

Jeffrey Neiger, MD

Joel Okner, MD

Samuel Goldstein, MD

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