Community Vaccine Alliance

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September 1, 2020

An alliance of faith-based school systems was formed to address the need of providing fair and equitable vaccine access to their eligible members. In partnership with local government, Agudath Israel of Illinois is being provided with vaccines to distribute to eligible alliance and community members. AIOI has partnered with Hatzalah Chicago and Refuah311 to create the Community Vaccine Alliance (CVA) and operate this new community clinic, which is being hosted by Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov elementary school. The CVA clinic’s initial primary objective will be to serve the elderly and school employee populations.

We encourage all members of the community to complete the survey, even if not yet eligible. This enables us to plan ahead for the next phases of the vaccine rollout. The survey results are reviewed on a regular and ongoing basis. When appointments become available, eligible respondents receive an email with an exclusive and nontransferable voucher code to schedule their appointment. The email notification comes with instructions or click here if to schedule an appointment if you have a valid voucher code.

While there are many groups of people eligible under phase 1b, the CVA is prioritizing the elderly and school personnel. Those who are not yet 65 and have underlying conditions are unfortunately not eligible yet to receive the vaccine at this time. Click here to learn more. The CVA does not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, color or creed.

We are always looking for volunteers, both medical and nonmedical. Our volunteer workforce is the backbone of the CVA. We prefer volunteers that will commit to working at the clinic on a regular basis. We are not looking for volunteers who need their status as a volunteer to qualify for vaccination themselves. Click here to register to volunteer. 

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