KiwiKids offers free, kosher breakfast and lunch meals for children 18 and under. There is  a  once-a-week pickup that contains the equivalent of 7  servings of breakfast and lunch for each child. There is no income eligibility to receive these meals.
To receive KiwiKids updates and to know pickup times and locations, please subscribe to the KiwiKids emails by clicking here. You can  also receive KiwiKids updates via text message. Text messages are used to communicate general pickup times and if there are any last-minute changes or important announcements. We will continue to send out all information via email as well. To join, simply text JOIN to (833)563-0059. You will receive a message back immediately confirming that you subscribed.
All meals are cRc certified kosher- Pas Yisroel, Chalav Yisroel, Bishul Yisroel, and Chassidish Shechita. Gluten-free and Lubavitch Shechita meals are available upon request by clicking here. 

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